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First-Rate experts

Team with exceptional talent, knowledge & experience – Specialists who have outstanding careers in the field of technology transformation. Clients can access world-class expertise at a lower cost vis-a-vis developing such expertise internally.

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End-to-end Consulting

End-to-end Consulting coverage, with expertise in all key areas, starting from Technology strategy to process review & re-engineering to team collaboration to program management to implementation to training.

Geometric Structure

Integrated, Structured, Value-driven

Delivery of Boxes

Incremental Deliveries

Integrated, Well-structured, Disciplined, and Tailor-made Approach of Consulting to ensure visible value-delivery.

Consulting approach that ensures value delivery continuously, in tranches through-out an engagement.

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Bespoke Engagement Models

Bespoke models that offer choices of engagement for a Client to suit their need of a period of engagement, type of engagement, and mode of engagement.

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Effective Proprietary methodology

The Proprietary consulting methodology of OvalPrime ensures comprehensive coverage of parameters that are important for success in a Technology journey. 

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